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Update on the National Bonsai Collection

During the last year the National Bonsai Collection has gone through a major refurbishment, with the entire wooden display area being replaced by more durable composite planking, guaranteed for some 25 years.  By conducting the necessary work in stages, it has not caused any serious disruption to those bonsai enthusiasts and members of the general public visiting the Collection.

Recent additions to the Collection comprise a Western hemlock, originally donated by Gill Taylor-Duxbury in 2011 and following some basic refinement and re-potting, is looking a very impressive specimen.  Also recently acquired are a formal upright Yew which belonged to the late Manuel Gonzales together with an informal style beech tree from the collection of Frank Mepham who, over the years, has contributed much to assist in maintaining the Collection itself.  After re-potting over the winter period, both these trees should be on display to the public during 2014.

The ‘Omiya’ tree, an ancient Chinese juniper donated to the National Bonsai Collection has been temporarily moved from the site in order to have refinement work carried out; it too will require re-potting but should be returned to it’s central place in the Collection site later in 2014, together with a second Chinese juniper, originally donated by Ken Haywood of the Wessex Bonsai Society a few years ago and which has also been refined.  Thanks go to Marc Noelanders who assisted with some of the work on these two trees.

With the National Collection now in possession of more trees than display spaces available, it is hoped that a more regular rotation of trees can be put into place.



Friends of the National Bonsai Collection:


Drawn 3:00 pm - Sunday 11 August 2013

1st Prize: Shohin Chinese Juniper tree   Ticket No. 01181

M Bentley

2nd Prize: Set of 2 books (Boxed) Ticket No. 01504

T M Tooe

3rd Prize: Textured finish cascade pot  Ticket No. 01813

D Mudd

4th Prize: Cascade pot  Ticket No. 01627 

V Rees

5th Prize: Set of pictures  Ticket No. 01667  A Dickson

The committee and I would like to thank everyone who supported the National Bonsai Collection by purchasing raffle tickets, and in particular the Sussex Bonsai Group for giving the opportunity to organise the raffle as part of their extremely successful show “Bonsai World 2013”.   The raffle was a great success raising just over £900.00 for Collection funds.

Tony Allen

Chairman and Trustee
Friends of the National Bonsai Collection